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Henna TattoosCoolest Henna Tattoos Images

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Henna Tattoos, Top Rated Henna Tattoos Pictures

A sugar and lemon mixture dabbed on the henna tattoos, the dried mendhi deepens the final color. Due to its cooling properties, Henna is used in lotions and ointments for application on skin inflammations and even burns. It is as easy as drawing on paper. These designs can be traced on or copied very easily with Henna Pens.

Many others make only house calls and charge by the hour. And since they are only temporary, you can have different designs from time to time if you want to. The foremost advantage of using Henna is that the colour is temporary and fades away quickly.

PPD is used because it is a cheap substitute for henna and it stains the skin within half an hour while henna can take up to 8hours before the staining is complete. Black henna is often used by street artists and in tourist resorts or attractions. They are also known as Mehndi.